Rotator cuff tears can occur due to trauma to the shoulder or because of the tendon’s wear and tear over time. One factor that significantly impacts the rotator cuff’s strength and health is a person’s occupation. Jobs like house painters and construction workers bring a higher chance of rotator cuff tears.

Surprisingly often, artists also suffer from rotator cuff tears. As a result of working with heavy materials or working on large canvases, they place immense pressure on the shoulder. Over time, their tendons become more and more susceptible to tear, and even a minor injury can cause serious problems.

Recently, Dr. Tehrany helped a wonderful lady whose once strong and healthy shoulder suffered mortifying trauma after a serious fall.

rotator cuff repair

Amelia is a beautiful artist who, after the fall, experienced terrible pain in her shoulder. The work on her art was limited, and she felt devastated. However, her determination to get back to her work boosted her to search for a shoulder doctor who could help her overcome the excruciating pain in her shoulder and soul.

Fortunately, she came across Dr. Tehrany and immediately scheduled her appointment. Unfortunately, she had several issues that required immediate attention. She had sustained rotator cuff tear, torn biceps, frayed labrum, and chipped clavicle from the fall.

To restore Amelia’s shoulder completely, Dr. Tehrany performed arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repair and additional shoulder procedures to address all of the issues at once. Together with his remarkably skilled team of orthopedic physicians, he provided first-rate orthopedic care and generous support throughout the entire process. They turned the stressful rotator cuff surgery into a healing experience that transformed Amelia’s life with loving care.

Grateful for the outstanding work Dr. Tehrany did with the arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, Amelia decided to share her positive experiences by writing a beautiful review on Google.

“Being an artist, whose last decade of work has involved working and manipulating metal sculpturally, strong and sound shoulders and arms are necessary in order to create my work. Due to a serious fall, I sustained a torn rotator cuff, torn bicep, frayed labrum and chipped clavicle. The resulting physical limitations on my studio work have caused pain to my soul as well.

Having placed myself in Dr. Tehrany’s gifted hands and compassionate care, I am restored, strong, and back to work in my studio. I am ever grateful to have had my surgery performed by Dr. Tehrany, and supported throughout in union with his extremely competent, considerate, and personable staff at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. I highly recommend Dr. Tehrany and his entire staff for their impeccable commitment to treating the whole person, not just the injury presented.

In all sincerity,
Amelia Lindauer”

This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.