As one of the most active joints in the body, the shoulder is highly susceptible to injuries and inflammation. A variety of shoulder conditions and injuries can occur over time in super active people.

Patrick was a recent patient of ours with painful shoulder problems. He had an appointment with Dr. Tehrany, Tim, and Amanda. The conclusion was that an arthroscopic shoulder repair would bring Patrick’s shoulder back to its health and strength.

shoulder surgery

Dr. Tehrany is one of the best shoulder specialists in New York. He has mastered arthroscopic treatments of the shoulder. He joined brains with his exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable PAs, Tim and Amanda, to develop Patrick’s most effective treatment plan.

They performed an extensive shoulder repair to Patrick’s shoulder. The shoulder surgery was successful, with no complications followed by thorough physical therapy.

Dr. Tehrany and his team closely monitored Patrick’s recovery and carefully guided him through every step of the process. Six months after the shoulder surgery, Patrick’s shoulder is almost back to its full strength. The help and the care he received from everyone at Manhattan Orthopedic Care helped him recover faster than he expected. As a result, his life has seen significant improvements.

“Just saw Dr. Tehrany again today for my 6-month post-op visit. Dr. Tehrany did extensive repair to my left shoulder and I am pleased to say I am feeling really good. The surgery was in March and my quality of life is dramatically better than it was prior to surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Tehrany and his team (Tim and Amanda are great also as is the office staff).”

We are thrilled that Patrick chose us to help him overcome his painful problem. Moreover, we are certain that he will be back to his old pain-free life in no time.

This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.