Biceps tenodesis is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat and repair the biceps tendon. This tendon connects the biceps muscle to the shoulder. It is performed in people who experience pain due to inflammation or a tear in the tendon.

Jacqueline is a young lady who has been struggling with chronic shoulder pain for a few years. She had been on her search for the right shoulder doctor for a long time, and her luck changed when she had an appointment with Dr. Tehrany. She felt confident and at peace as she finally found a doctor she could absolutely trust.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Tehrany, one of the best shoulder specialists in New York, diagnosed Jacqueline with a SLAP tear on her left shoulder with AC joint debridement and biceps tenodesis with a rotator cuff tear.

biceps tenodesis

As Jacqueline’s condition required surgical treatment, Dr. Tehrany explained all surgical details and steps to her to help her feel comfortable during and after the surgery. Together with his PA, Stephan Bouskila, and the entire team, they provided a comfortable environment for Jacqueline to feel safe and calm to proceed with the surgery.

During the shoulder surgery, Dr. Tehrany and his PA performed four procedures: shoulder arthroscopic biceps tenodesis, debridement of a bursal-sided rotator cuff tear, subacromial decompression, and distal clavicle excision.

The procedure was flawless, and there were no complications during or after. Jacqueline proceeded with a biceps tenodesis recovery protocol that immensely helped her get her strength and shoulder back.

Six weeks after the biceps tenodesis, Jacqueline had a follow-up appointment, and she expressed her excitement that her shoulder was at 75%. Exhilarated that her recovery is smooth and easy and faster than she expected, she decided to share her experience on Google by writing a lovely review.

“I had bicep tenodesis surgery on 5/5/2021. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for years since 2018 and I finally found someone I could trust to help me. Dr. Tehrany and PA Bouskila and the staff have been amazing since day one. They made me feel comfortable and showed me such compassion, as I was so anxious and scared to have my first surgery ever!

I am not going to lie, recovery was so painful for me for the first few weeks as is with any surgery, but after my 6 weeks, I feel 75% which it’s incredible. I am filled with emotion when I think about how far I have come. I want to thank you guys for giving me my life back.

For anyone thinking about having shoulder surgery, I can say from experience that I would’ve not done it with any other Doctor and that your results will also be amazing as long as you follow Dr’s directions along with the awesome Physical therapist whom they recommend. May God continue to give you all health to continue helping individuals like myself. Much love xoxo”

We are happy that she is getting better every day and she can finally enjoy life without shoulder pain.

This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.