The arthroscopic SLAP repair is a shoulder surgery performed to repair a tear of the biceps tendon at the point where it connects to the labrum. Typically, SLAP tears occur as a result of acute trauma or by repetitive shoulder motions.

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arthroscopic slap repair

That is precisely what we did for Michael. He had an appointment with Dr. Tehrany due to painful problems with his shoulder. During his appointment, Dr. Tehrany performed а thorough examination of the symptoms Michael presented. He experienced pain when moving the arm and lifting objects. Moreover, his shoulder strength has significantly decreased, and he felt that his shoulder would pop out of the joint.

The imaging scans confirmed Dr. Tehrany’s initial diagnosis. Michael had a SLAP tear and Bankart lesion. While in most SLAP tear patients, non-surgical treatment is incredibly effective, that was not an option in Michael’s case.

According to the preoperative diagnosis, Michael had a tear in three places. For that reason, an effective and successful treatment required surgery.

With his PA, Timothy Lopresti, Dr. Tehrany performed an arthroscopic SLAP repair along with bankart repair, subacromial decompression, debridement of a partial rotator cuff tear, and open incision of lipoma.

The entire team at Manhattan Orthopedic Care put together their efforts to provide a comfortable environment for Michael to go through the surgery and recover smoothly. Happy that he received the perfect care, Michael wrote a lovely review on Google.

I had a surgical repair of my left shoulder, my labrum was torn in 3 places. The entire experience was wonderful. Very competent, professional practitioners. Dr. Tehrany and his PA, Timothy Lopresti were wonderful, pleasant, and caring physicians. The entire staff, from the clerks at the desk to the medical students or interns (not entirely sure everyone’s role/title), were pleasant, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Most importantly, the pain and discomfort I was feeling prior to my surgery is no longer an issue. I am back in the gym healthier than ever. I am endlessly grateful to all the staff.

Possibly second most important was the billing department was also extremely translucent. The surgery, anesthesia, and visits were nearly 100% covered by insurance excluding very affordable and fair copay for the surgery and a minimal co-pay for each visit. Every visit I was seen right on time, with no excessive waiting. The office is beautifully clean. They are raising the standard of care with their efforts with telehealth. 5-star rating all around, keep up the amazing care you guys are providing.

We are honored that Michael decided to trust us with his health. And we are more than happy to see him recover and enjoy life once again.

This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.