Meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries. While they are easily treatable, meniscus tears can cause severe pain and mobility problems. Moreover, they can significantly impact a person’s life.

Rebecca, one of our recent patients, had struggled with pain in her left knee. She had an appointment at Manhattan Orthopedic Care, and she was immediately scheduled for an MRI Scan. According to the scan, she had a devastating root tear, a tear in the meniscus in the area where it connects to the bone.

The root attachments play an important role in knee functioning as they keep the meniscus in place, provide stability to the circumferential hoop fibers of the meniscus, and prevent meniscal extrusion. Thus, a root tear is considered one of the most severe types of meniscus tears.

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During her appointment, Rebecca received a thorough analysis of her condition. She found out that her condition may require surgical intervention. However, due to her previously scheduled trip, Rebecca received a non-surgical treatment for the moment.

The cortisone injection helped her feel much better and enabled her to go through her trip with no pain in the knee. However, according to Dr. Tehrany, she will need a follow-up appointment when she gets back to discuss arthroscopic repair of the root tear.

Even though Rebecca didn’t have surgery, she received excellent care and treatment. Thrilled that everything was completed with impeccable promptness, Rebecca wrote a lovely review on Yelp.

Dr. Tehrany and all the doctors in this practice are absolutely professional, knowledgeable about the joints (for me, it was my knee), and provided me with first-rate care. I have highly recommended this doctor and his associates to my friends and family. If you have any questions about an injury or illness, it will be explained with the least intrusive treatment to get you back to health!


This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.