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What are treatment options for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

What are Shoulder Labral Tears?

What are treatment options for Frozen Shoulder?

Diagnosing a Shoulder Injury

Preparation for Shoulder Surgery

Managing Pain After Shoulder Surgery

Physical Therapy after Shoulder Surgery

Managing Shoulder Pain

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Common Shoulder Injuries

Prevent Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Motions and Mobility

Video Testimonials

John Fallon feels good and healthy after his double Rotator Cuff Surgery

Mariano Testa after the Labrum Tear Surgery: “Dr. Tehrany makes everything easier.”

Andrew Ellis after his Torn Labrum Surgery: The entire experience with Dr. Tehrany was top-notch!”

Freda and Karen after the Rotator Cuff Tears: “Dr. Tehrany will treat you with the best of his ability.”

Michele Yokell’s Video Testimonial After Her Broken Knee Patella

Barbara Wichaa’ After Her Shoulder Surgery: I’m so grateful for the whole experience with Dr. Tehrany

Jessica Voto shares her Labrum Tear Repair experience