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Is your chronic knee and shoulder pain affecting your overall well-being and mobility? We know that it is a real pain, physically and emotionally, when physical injury has you missing out on life! Getting you back into the swing of things is our top priority, and we do our best to fit our patients in with Dr. Tehrany as soon as possible. Ensure access to boutique care for an improved quality of life. Book your consultation today and let’s get you back to experiencing life without knee and shoulder pain.


Armin Tehrany

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March 12, 2024
In 2021, when Walter Lamar found himself in excruciating knee pain after a fall from a ladder while cleaning his gutters, he turned to the internet for a solution. His search led him to a review from a Broadway dancer who had undergone successful meniscus tear surgery with Dr. Armin Tehrany at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. […]
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January 24, 2024
I was injured on the job both times, and both injuries required surgery. Dr. Tehrany and staff, from beginning to the end of each injury, went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. From pre to post surgery they were there in every way. He and his staff were extremally helpful an patent with issues […]
multiple shoulder injuries
November 4, 2016
Multiple shoulder injuries are hard to play through, especially for sports enthusiasts who are used to being constantly on the move and active. David Apel had an appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany after his mountain biking accident that resulted in multiple shoulder injuries. David had suffered an AC joint displacement, torn ligaments, a partially detached […]
orthopedic doctor nyc
October 28, 2016
Choosing the right orthopedic doctor can be a real challenge. Oftentimes, the choice is restricted by the insurance plan, making it even harder to find the professional who will carefully listen to patient’s needs and completely devote themselves to providing a successful treatment. Leila Gutierrez wasn’t completely satisfied with her first orthopedic doctor. Due to […]

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