Patient Testimonial – Total Knee Replacement Surgery NYC

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“I knew in my heart there was something wrong with my knee.”

After seeing multiple surgeons who never conducted x-rays or undertook further investigation, Patricia Doyle was fed up with being told the pain in her knee was due to arthritis, and that she had to “just deal with it”.

Upon recommendation by her brother, NYPD Assistant Chief Chris McCormack, Patricia consulted with Dr. Armin Tehrany, NYC’s top-rated orthopedic surgeon.

The Importance of the Correct Diagnosis

As Dr. Tehrany says, “you don’t have to live with the pain you have! The key is to understand what exactly the diagnosis is – and once we know, we can fix it.” He recommended Patricia had an x-ray and MRI, and upon inspection, it was very clear that a full knee replacement was needed to eliminate Patricia’s pain and reestablish her mobility.

Operating at one of the ambulatory surgery centers Manhattan Orthopedic Care partners with, Dr. Tehrany performed Patricia’s knee replacement on a Friday, and by Monday, Patricia was already feeling the effects of her total knee replacement recovery and was absolutely delighted. “Once they took the bulky dressing off on Monday, I knew for a fact my knee was better.”

In a follow-up appointment a couple of months after Patricia’s surgery, she mentioned to Dr. Tehrany that her physical therapist said the bendiness and movement is better in the knee that was operated on, compared to the other side!

About Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that resurfaces a knee damaged by arthritis or injury. It involves the damaged cartilage of the knee being removed, and metal or plastic replacement parts being inserted – usually the end of the thigh bone, the end of the shin bone, and the kneecap. A new, smoother surface is created, and thus pain is eliminated and patients can regain lost movement and flexibility.

If you are suffering from severe knee pain and are in the Manhattan or Staten Island area or further afield, contact Dr. Tehrany, one of the best knee replacement surgeons in NYC, at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. Dr. Tehrany and his team take great care to ensure the cause of pain or injury is properly diagnosed, allowing the best treatment possible for each patient’s needs.