In 2021, when Walter Lamar found himself in excruciating knee pain after a fall from a ladder while cleaning his gutters, he turned to the internet for a solution. His search led him to a review from a Broadway dancer who had undergone successful meniscus tear surgery with Dr. Armin Tehrany at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. This marked the beginning of his journey towards regaining mobility and living a life free of pain.

“Reading about Dr. Tehrany’s successful surgery on a Broadway dancer gave me hope. True to what I had read, Dr. Tehrany performed a wonderful meniscus repair on my knee, and I was back on my feet in no time. My meniscus repair recovery was seamless, the pain was gone, and I could resume my life without the constant reminder of my injury.” – Walter Lamar

But Walter’s story didn’t end there. When his other knee began to show similar symptoms, he knew exactly where to turn. “There was no doubt in my mind that I would go back to Manhattan Orthopedic Care. The second surgery was just as successful as the first. I am incredibly grateful for the care and expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Armin Tehrany to anyone suffering from knee issues. Thanks to him, I am living proof that you can return to a pain-free, active lifestyle.”

As a specialist orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Tehrany’s approach is not only about addressing the injury but also ensuring a full return to the joys of daily life without pain. For those experiencing knee pain or facing similar challenges, Walter’s story is one of hope.

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