Video: Dr. Tehrany performs arthroscopic knee meniscectomy on a young runner’s knee

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Meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries. It usually occurs during an activity that causes a forceful twist or knee rotation with full body weight placed on it. Moreover, simple everyday activities such as kneeling, deep squatting, or lifting something heavy can also lead to a torn meniscus. One of Dr. Tehrany’s recent patients had a severe meniscus tear. While the patient didn’t experience much pain, he still had trouble doing his regular daily routine.
  Dr. Tehrany had performed a thorough examination of the patient’s knee. Based on the symptoms and the patient’s history, Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with an arthroscopic knee meniscectomy as the most effective treatment for the patient. The goal of the knee meniscectomy is to remove the damaged portion of the meniscus. Unfortunately, the meniscus tear in this patient occurred in the white zone of the knee. The blood supply in this area is not good and lacks blood vessels to bring in healing nutrients. Therefore, tears in this region usually require surgical treatment as they will not heal on their own. Based on his experience, Dr. Tehrany knew that the likelihood of long-term benefits for the patients is very low.
“The better thing to do is to trim the meniscus tear before it gets larger because otherwise, it will become larger, and there will be more to remove.”
The patient was a relatively young person, an athlete who runs marathons. Unfortunately, the meniscus tear could keep him away from running tracks.
“He said he wants to run. This tear could be because he started running. Now, we get to tell him whether we trimmed it out or not: I wouldn’t be running marathons if I were you.”
The patient recovered from the surgery with ease. His strong and healthy body helped him get back to his life at a steady pace. However, running might be postponed for the later future, but as Dr. Tehrany always says:
“Health is the most important thing in life and nothing should compromise it!”