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Dr. Tehrany : NYC’s Award-Winning Orthopedic Surgeon

Trusted Orthopedic Care for Court Officers

The physical well-being of our New York State Court Officers is important. They serve as the backbone of the judicial system and execute physically demanding tasks to ensure the safety of our society. Manhattan Orthopedic Care takes great pride in being a trusted orthopedic specialist healthcare provider to many Officers.

As an Honorary Police Surgeon for the NYPD, you can be assured of Dr. Tehrany’s superior care. He has been selected to serve on the Society of Honorary Police Surgeons, a reflection of his outstanding surgical expertise and consistent results. The selection process itself is as rigorous as that of the recruitment and selection process of police officers.

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common injuries seen and treated by dr. tehrany
No occupation comes without the risk of injury, or developing conditions that have an impact on your health later as you get older. Some of the common injuries and conditions affecting the knee and shoulder that Manhattan Orthopedic Care provides treatment and care for include:

These injuries and conditions require specialist intervention and care to ensure effective healing for pain-free movement and career success. Dr. Tehrany accepts insurance which enables access to exceptional specialist care for intervention and treatment of injuries or conditions affecting the knee and/or shoulder.

physical ability can be maintained through orthopedic care

The completion of a strenuous physical exam is one of the first tests that a Court Officer needs to pass. It includes:

  • Push-ups to assess the upper body strength and stamina
  • The Illinois agility run examines the body’s anaerobic capacity
  • Sit-ups to evaluate abdominal strength
  • The beep test evaluates the aerobic capacity of candidates

This capacity of strength and endurance must be maintained and requires exceptional physical care and an effective treatment plan should any injury occur to a Court Officer. Dr. Tehrany provides healthcare guidance, care, and treatment to Officers to ensure continued physical ability and capacity while also living a high-quality life, both at work and at home.

Outstanding Orthopedic Treatment for Court Officers

Dr. Tehrany provides access to care and guidance through telemedicine consultations that allow Court Officers to have virtual consultations. Thus, minimizing the distance and time between care and treatment, adding value to the holistic well-being of patients in his care. His treatment plans vary and depend on the nature of the injury and/or condition.

He sees many occupational knee and shoulder injuries and conditions, with most patients ranging between the age of 30 and 50. While rest is often part of the treatment plan, it may also include the following:

  • Prescription medication to manage pain and inflammation
  • Physical therapy and strength exercises
  • Surgery and rehabilitation

Court Officers, please contact Manhattan Orthopedic Care and take advantage of Dr. Tehrany’s virtual consultation services to access the best quality treatment and care in New York.