As an immensely experienced and profoundly knowledgeable orthopedic doctor, Dr. Armin Tehrany continuously teams up with prominent experts in the medical field to discover and publish new findings.

For the past few years, Dr. Tehrany had been working on a collaborative project titled “Increase in VO2 Max over 24 Months” with Dr. Daniel Laury, a highly rated obstetrics and gynecology specialist in Medford, OR.

dr armin tehrany

The project’s focus was the VO2 Max, a measure of the maximal amount of oxygen that can be used at the upper limits of exercise. As such, VO2 Max is commonly popular as a valuable health parameter for athletic performance testing.

The goal of the project was to monitor, measure, and objectively document the amelioration of the VO2 Max using a defined protocol on standardized testing equipment.

Dr. Tehrany joined the project with a purpose to discover a more efficient training routine for individuals who strive to improve their performance with the healthiest possible method.

The project and the findings were published in the latest edition of the The Surgery Journal.

The Surgery Journal is a comprehensive Open Access Journal for surgeons, trainee surgeons, and medical professionals engaged with the support and surgical treatment of patients of all medical disciplines.

The project was accepted for publishing in March, 2019, and is part of the 5th volume of the journal for 2019.


VO2 max is a measure of athletic performance and is generally considered an excellent health parameter for athletic performance testing. Various methods are used to generate such a result generally using a treadmill or cycle ergometer.

Improvements have been shown through training. The upper limit of such improvement has been difficult to find in the literature in part because testing often starts with individuals already at a superior level of performance. As genetics may play a significant role in an individual’s VO2 max, training can only contribute a portion of the result. Humans have a range of maximal oxygen utilization with upper limits approaching 100 mL/kg. This case report demonstrates a 96% improvement over time secondary to selective intense training.

The intent was to document objectively amelioration of the VO2 max using a defined protocol on standardized testing equipment. This may lead to more efficient training of individuals desiring performance improvement.

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