MRI Review – why is it important?
The goal of the MRI Review is to provide complete and detailed information about patient’s condition that will further enable the orthopedic doctor to form an accurate diagnosis and recommend a proper treatment. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care the MRI Review can be part of the initial appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany or can be part of the appointment for a second opinion. Either way, the MRI Review is a crucial step in the process of diagnosing a patient.

Dr. Armin Tehrany during an MRI Review

Prior to recommending a treatment, we need to be familiar with all significant details related to the patient’s condition or injury. Therefore, we take a detailed health history and perform a thorough physical examination, which always includes an MRI Review. Even though we are able to form a diagnosis based on patient’s history and physical exam alone, the MRI scan immensely helps us to fully understand the condition and guides us in recommending the best treatment to proceed with.

Our patients’ convenience is our top priority, and for this reason, we made the MRI Review a simple and easy process. It can be part of the initial appointment with Dr. Tehrany, or it can be completed separately. During the appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany, patients who already have an MRI scan need to bring it along as long as the MRI scan is performed within the last 12 months.

For patients with an older MRI scan, or for patients without one, we will recommend the type of MRI scan based on their needs (closed MRI, open MRI, MR Arthrogram), as well as the best MRI facility. Moreover, we will assist with scheduling the MRI scan appointment. We value the time of our patients, and our same-day-policy for completing the MRI scans enables us to offer an immediate follow-up discussion. During the MRI Review, Dr. Tehrany carefully analyzes the MRI scan images and reports. Afterward, he thoroughly explains the results to the patient. At the same time, patients have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the next steps.

If for any reason the patient is not able to visit Manhattan Orthopedic Care for an MRI Review, we offer a phone review at the most convenient time for the patient. Prior to the phone appointment, we will need the patient to send us a digital or print copy of the MRI scan. After we receive the MRI scan, we will then schedule the phone call during which Dr. Tehrany will discuss and explain the findings from the MRI, and he will recommend the treatment to proceed with.

Dr. Armin Tehrany during an MRI Review
Second opinion
At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we completely understand the importance for the patients to feel confident with the diagnosis they are provided with, as well as with the treatment they will proceed with. Therefore, we offer a Second opinion appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany, where patients can discuss their doubts and concerns about their condition or diagnosis.
When should patients ask for a second opinion?
Requesting a second opinion is a common practice among patients. Unless the patient’s condition or injury is life threatening and they require an emergency care, then the patient is a perfectly good candidate for a second opinion. Inquiring a second opinion is necessary when:

  • Surgery is said to be the only treatment available for the patient
  • The patient suffers a complex knee or shoulder condition or a severe knee or shoulder injury
  • The patient is told that there is no treatment available to improve their condition or address the injury
  • The patient is not comfortable with the impressions and diagnosis from the doctor
  • The patient is not given detailed and clear answers to their questions about their orthopedic injury or condition
  • The condition returns shortly after the course of treatment
  • The symptoms keep occurring, but the doctor can’t find the cause
  • The patient feels their condition or injury is incorrectly diagnosed
  • The doctor does not understand why the treatment is not working
The benefits of getting a second opinion
After a Second opinion appointment, patients feel more confident to make a decision on the next steps for treatment and recovery, which is one of the greatest benefits of asking for a second opinion. Furthermore, the list of benefits also includes:

  • It can confirm the diagnosis
  • It can remove all doubts and concerns the patient has regarding the diagnosis and the treatment plan
  • It can provide more exhaustive answers to patient’s questions about the condition or the treatment

Oftentimes, the second opinion is covered by the insurance plan. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we open our doors for all patients who need to talk with an experienced and knowledgeable orthopedic doctor to confirm their diagnosis, or to find a better, more suitable treatment.