Last year while New Year’s euphoria was embracing people’s mood and hearts, not all of us enjoyed the positive vibrations. Sharo Atmeh, who is now a very dear friend of ours, suffered from severe shoulder pain and inability to do various movements freely, placing him in need of labrum tear surgery.

Due to his labrum tear shoulder injury, Mr. Atmeh was not even able to sleep peacefully. Very often he was woken by terrible pain and stiffness.


labrum tear surgery

“The injury originally caused severe pain and a complete inability to do pull-ups or incline exercises without sharp intrusive pain. I am now fully mobile in the right arm with none of the pain experienced prior to surgery.  I am no longer awoken from sleep by pain and I am able to even do push-ups without any pain whatsoever.”

Now, three months after the labrum tear surgery, Mr. Atmeh is feeling great and ready to continue his sports activities, his fitness regime, and his usual everyday activities without any pain.

“I am 3-months out from a labrum tear surgery to repair both the tear and remove some bursitis from around the right shoulder joint. I am now fully mobile in the right arm with none of the pain experienced prior to surgery.“

In his generous Yelp review, Mr. Atmeh shares his positive experience with the whole team at Manhattan Orthopedic Care, but mostly with Dr. Armin Tehrany, who wholeheartedly helped Mr. Atmeh get his healthy shoulder back. The labrum tear surgery went perfectly and smoothly, and the recovery process brought the strength back to Mr. Atmeh’s shoulder.

“Dr. Tehrany’s team was thoughtful, professional and efficient on the day of the surgery.  Most importantly, even after surgery, the doctor called me personally and his staff checked in each week for the first four weeks (commonly the most painful weeks).  What is remarkable is that Dr. Tehrany coordinated with the physical therapist for the first two months of my care – suggesting levels of aggressiveness and requesting progress reports. This level of involvement is a wonderfully welcome departure from the traditional practice of specialist medicine in New York.

In somewhat of an accidental occurrence, a colleague had the same exact surgery performed by another doctor within days of mine, and still does not have full range of motion with chronic stiffness.  Of course, two people heal differently, but my results are markedly faster with much more coordination with and contact from the doctor post-surgery.”

Thank you, Mr. Atmeh for your warm words and your positive Yelp review. We hope to hear from you soon 🙂