Baby Boomers Heal More Slowly

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The waiting room isn’t just filled with kids who fell off their skateboards, but also with older people, who when hurt, find that it can take significantly longer for their injuries to heal, writes Eric Nagourney. Manhattan Orthopedic In his article in the New York Times, he discusses the feeling of the recklessness of the baby boomers who “have a particular view of aging: they seem to think it doesn’t happen to them”. Boomers may be the first generation to grow up exercising, but they are not immune to injuries. According to a research from 2010 by American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, two of the most injury-prone sports for this generation, are basketball and bicycles. In these two sports, boomers were well ahead of younger groups with strains and sprains. And why is this research important? Well, mainly because when older people get hurt they find out that it takes longer to get back on their feet. Weakened immune system, decreased blood flow, change in wound-healing cascade and decreased bone and muscle mass, are the main reasons why the older generation should take better (and more) care about themselves.
“Fantastic article. Everyone should be reading this. One thing that was not discussed, though, was diet. In my opinion, diet is more important than exercise. We need to try to get more natural and organic foods in us vs the garbage we consume these days.”, agrees Dr. Armin Tehrany, leading orthopedic surgeon at Manhattan Orthopedic Care.