New video: Arthroscopic Lateral Meniscectomy

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Meniscus tear is one of the most common knee injuries seen in people of all ages. Athletes, sports players, and physically active people are at greater risk of a meniscus tear. This knee condition usually occurs as a result of an abrupt stop or a sudden knee twist. It can also occur as a result of a direct fall or a trauma to the knee. While meniscus tears can occur in both young and older people, older people are more susceptible to a meniscus tear due to tissue degradation. Throughout his career, Dr. Armin Tehrany has successfully helped many patients with a meniscus tear. From mild partial tears to complete severe tears, Dr. Tehrany has always provided thorough care that has brought his patients back on their feet in no time. There are always a few additional issues contributing to the pain in many patients with a meniscus tear. One of Dr. Tehrany’s recent patients had a left knee lateral meniscus tear with a patellofemoral tilt. A patellofemoral tilt suggests a tightness within the lateral structures of the knee. This tightness pulls the kneecap to either the inside or outside of the knee. The shift in the kneecap further exacerbated the pain of the meniscus tear our patient had sustained. After his thorough evaluation, Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with a partial lateral meniscectomy. Based on his vast experience in arthroscopic knee surgery, Dr. Tehrany knew that arthroscopic meniscectomy would provide the best long-term results for the patient. Once again, Dr. Tehrany took the opportunity to turn the surgery into an educational episode.
  As seen in the video, during the surgery, Dr. Tehrany and PA Tim Lopresti removed fragmented pieces of the meniscus and smoothed out the frayed edges. During this process, Dr. Tehrany carefully removed only the most problematic areas that were in an unrepairable condition. His objective was to solve the painful symptoms without creating unnecessary complications for the patient later down the line. When treating a patient, Dr. Tehrany always considers every aspect of the patient’s story before tailoring the treatment plan. This patient was treated with the highest respect and professionalism as every other patient who visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care. We are thrilled that after the arthroscopic lateral meniscectomy, the patient feels better and stronger and is on the way to a complete and successful recovery.