As a crucial component of the shoulder joint, the labrum significantly impacts the shoulder’s functionality, and as a result, it can also impact a person’s lifestyle. It provides stability to the shoulder joint by cushioning the head of the humerus and holding it securely to the glenoid. An injury in the labrum area can be extremely painful, and if not addressed properly and timely, it can further develop into more severe shoulder conditions. Commonly, the labral tears occur as a result of a direct fall to the arm, or a repetitive trauma to the shoulder and its components. Today, there is a variety of treatment options available for the labral tears, however, the treatment of choice will depend mostly on the severity of the tear. labrum repair surgery When Anthony Tarantino visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care for an appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany, his shoulder was in a gruesome pain that felt like it was deep inside his shoulder. He also had trouble moving the arm over his head or rotate the shoulder inward. Dr. Tehrany who is a profoundly knowledgeable shoulder doctor, and an exceptionally experienced orthopedic surgeon, immediately recognized the symptoms of the labral tear. During the initial examination, he measured the shoulder’s motion to reveal the stiffness caused by the labrum tear. He also performed an instability exam and ordered imaging tests that confirmed Dr. Tehrany’s initial diagnosis. Due to the amount of pain that Anthony had been experiencing, Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with the Labrum Repair Surgery. The entire staff at Manhattan Orthopedic Care provided a comfortable environment for Anthony enabling him to smoothly go through the surgical procedure and recovery period. Delighted with the results and the smooth and successful recovery, Anthony wrote a touching review on Google that motivated us to continue providing the unconditional and superb orthopedic care to all of our patients.
“Dr. Armin Tehrany and all his staff are some of the best doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This was my second time I’ve had Labrum Repair surgery, this time on a new shoulder and this time it healed 100% better thanks to the care and work done by Dr. Tehrany. I would recommend him to anyone for both his surgical procedures and bedside manner. Thank you again Dr. Tehrany; you’ve truly improved my quality of life.”