Elisabeth George visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care a few months ago due to agonizing pain in her shoulder. She was referred to Dr. Armin Tehrany by one of his esteemed colleagues. Within a couple of minutes of the appointment, Dr. Tehrany was able to find the source of Elisabeth’s pain and recommend proper treatment. However, the only efficient solution to Elisabeth’s condition was shoulder surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Tehrany and his team provided the attention and the orthopedic care Elisabeth needed to feel calm and comfortable, knowing she was in the hands of true professionals. Following the shoulder surgery, Elisabeth went through a smooth recovery that brought her back the strength in her shoulder. Feeling thrilled with the surgery outcome, Elisabeth shared her positive experience with Dr. Tehrany and his team on Google+. shoulder surgery  
“From the moment I walked into the office and met the staff, I felt that I was in good hands. Dr. Tehrany’s expertise and kindness have been instrumental in the success of my surgery and my quick recovery. It was a pleasure to be a patient at Manhattan Orthopedic Care.” says Elisabeth George in her review.
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.