One of the perks of working in the healthcare industry is witnessing the joy people experience after a period of suffering from mild or severe orthopedic injuries. Our top priority is to provide the utmost orthopedic care and treatment, and as a team, we always set our focus on enabling patients to go through their treatment and recovery period as smooth as possible. In order to completely understand our patients’ unique needs and address their problems with the treatment plan that perfectly fits them, we always devote a sufficient amount of time to thoroughly discuss the symptoms, the time when they first occurred, the severity of the pain they feel, and of course, the available treatment options that can bring them back to action in no time. physical therapy When Kathleen visited Manhattan Orthopedic Care, she was going through a painful injury that limited her mobility. As a caring and understanding orthopedic professional, Dr. Armin Tehrany patiently discussed with Kathleen her injury and informed her about the treatment options available to her. What Kathleen was surprised to learn was that she didn’t require a surgery to enjoy a pain-free life once again. Dr. Tehrany and his team provided the compassionate environment that helped Kathleen feel less stressed and scared. Since Kathleen’s injury didn’t require surgery, Dr. Tehrany recommended a team of Physical Therapy professionals that guided Kathleen through her recovery and helped her get back running in no time. Delighted with Dr. Tehrany’s efforts to provide a superb orthopedic care, Kathleen publicly expressed her gratitude and joy for being able to get back on track on Google. She wrote a candid review that made us feel happy and motivated to continue providing the utmost orthopedic care to all patients.
Dr. Tehrany and everyone who works at Manhattan Orthopedic Care is wonderful. I felt comfortable and was well taken care of. Dr. Tehrany took the time to not only diagnose my injury, but also took the time to talk me through and direct me to the best PT professionals to get me back on track, healed, and back up and running (literally!) Cannot speak highly enough about this great team of professionals!