Sports players are highly susceptible to shoulder injuries. Different sports place different types of stress and trauma on the shoulder. One of the most common shoulder injuries in baseball throwers is Bennett Lesion. It is a bony spur at the posterior glenoid and in it asymptomatic in most players. However, they can sometimes become painful and disturb the athlete’s throwing ability. One of Dr. Tehrany’s recent patients suffered from Bennett Lesion. John is a young athlete, baseball thrower who unfortunately experienced limited arm rotation due to the Bennett Lesion. After his appointment with Dr. Tehrany, he was immediately scheduled for shoulder surgery. As a shoulder specialist with impressive experience in arthroscopic surgery, Dr. Tehrany was able to provide the most effective treatment for John’s shoulder. He recommended proceeding with arthroscopic removal of the Bennett Lesion. With the help of his physician assistant, Tim Lopresti, Dr. Tehrany performed the shoulder surgery with ease and great results. To repair John’s shoulder, Dr. Tehrany performed arthroscopic posterior capsular release and extensive Bennett Lesion debridement. Seven days after the shoulder surgery, John had a follow appointment. To educate the community, Dr. Tehrany recorded the appointment with John’s consent. John was happy to share the impressive results of the surgery. As he explained, before the surgery, his arm was stuck and had limited rotation and range of movement. Now, John can achieve internal rotation almost as with his other arm.
  We are honored to have helped John with his painful problem. After months spent in pain, John is now on his way to full recovery and getting back on the field.