Shadowing a doctor can be a deciding factor for pre-medical students prior to getting into medical school. It’s a defining experience that helps the pre-med students understand whether they really want to be a physician or not. That’s why we, at Manhattan Orthopedic Care, wholeheartedly welcome the pre-medical students to shadow the work of Dr. Armin Tehrany, one of the best knee and shoulder specialists in New York. Sarah Robbins, a young lady interested in orthopedics, embraced the opportunity to spend time at our facility, working alongside Dr. Tehrany. She spent two weeks with Dr. Tehrany and his team, learning about the challenges and the rewards of working in the medical profession. For the two weeks Sarah spent with Dr. Armin Tehrany, she got a unique insight into what happens in a physician’s day at work. Sarah responsibly took the initiative to learn about what it’s like to be a physician, how to clearly communicate with patients and the other health care practitioners, and how to stay on top of all the responsibilities that come along as an orthopedic doctor. Inspired to continue her journey to becoming a world known physician, Sarah expressed her gratitude for the opportunity with the loveliest review. dr. armin tehrany Sarah’s enthusiastic interest in orthopedics deeply touched Dr. Tehrany, as he recognized himself in her passionate commitment to learning as much as possible.
“It’s my pleasure to introduce the pre-med students to the challenging work that we as physicians experience every day. I believe that Sarah will become an extraordinary physician, and I’ll be honored to work with her once again,” said Dr. Tehrany.
Good luck, Sarah, with your medical school. We can’t wait to see you gracefully wearing your white coat. 🙂