Over a year ago, we were honored to help a wonderful lady that suffered a painful rotator cuff tear. Back then, we were unpleasantly surprised to understand how long Olga had lived with the agonizing pain due to a lack of appropriate orthopedic care. However, after she was referred to Dr. Armin Tehrany, her rotator cuff agony ended as a result of the successful rotator cuff tear repair and the greatly beneficial physical therapy. A while ago, Olga needed an orthopedic care for her other shoulder. Unfortunately, she once again suffered a rotator cuff tear, and this time, she knew exactly where to ask for superb care and treatment. Once again, Dr. Tehrany and his team provided nothing less than a superb orthopedic treatment, professional and friendly demeanor, and an extremely comfortable environment for Olga to calmly undergo the second surgical process. Thrilled to be back to her best shape, Olga was happy to share her gratitude and positive experience with a short video.
Without any further ado, here is the candid video testimonial from Olga 🙂 Video  transcription:
My name is Olga Zimlin. This is my second rotator cuff surgery with Dr. Tehrany. First one, I was referred to by an orthopedist for a rotator cuff tear. Now, this is my second rotator cuff tear. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tehrany, he is terrific. I’m active, I’m CrossFiter, and the surgery definitely makes my life much better. I’m back to doing what I was doing before, even better. The ability in my shoulders is much better. I don’t think people should suffer pain. If you want to stay healthy, you need to do what needs to be done and keep moving, otherwise, you are going to get old and sit on the couch. How was your experience at the surgery center? The surgery center was good, it was very nice and they were all very pleasant. The anesthesia was good for you? A lot of people have concerns about that. The anesthesia was fine, and as a matter of fact even the pain level after the surgery – I didn’t take any painkillers. It was only Tylenol and a little ibuprofen. Maybe the first day, the first day was the worst, and then you can tolerate the pain. I would definitely say that I didn’t need painkillers. So you think overall the experience was good with Dr. Tehrany? Yes, absolutely, especially coming from experience with this shoulder, I would say I’m 100% stronger. Would you like to add anything else? Yes, I would like to add that people over 50 are afraid to lift weights, and we do need to lift weights to make our heart healthy. Cardio is not going to do it for you
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.