An arthroscopic SLAP repair is a shoulder surgery to repair a tear of the biceps tendon at the point where it connects to the labrum. As a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure, the SLAP repair requires a tiny camera, arthroscope, and miniature instruments to repair the damaged area. Often, after the surgeon removes the damaged tissue, the surgery continues with a biceps tenodesis to release the biceps tendon from the labrum. The procedure typically ends with the reattachment of the biceps tendon lower on the humerus bone. A few months ago, Dr. Armin Tehrany had a patient who had a severe SLAP tear that resulted in additional shoulder conditions. Joseph’s preoperative examination revealed that his shoulder also suffered rotator cuff tear, joint arthritis, and subacromial impingement. After Dr. Tehrany carefully examined Joseph’s shoulder, he had a thorough conversation with Joseph, explaining the best treatment option. As a remarkably experienced shoulder surgeon, Dr. Tehrany believed that shoulder surgery would be the most effective treatment as he would be able to address all issues at once. Impressed by Dr. Tehrany’s friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge, Joseph felt confident to proceed with the shoulder surgery. Dr. Tehrany and his physician associate, Stephan Bouskila, spotlessly performed the surgery. They performed arthroscopic biceps tenodesis, SLAP debridement, subacromial decompression, distal clavicle excision, and successfully addressed Joseph’s shoulder issues. After the surgery, Joseph went through аn exhaustive physical therapy. During the recovery period, Dr. Tehrany and his team were in constant contact with Joseph to monitor his progress and provide the support he needed. Six months after the surgery and thrilled with the phenomenal care experienced, Joseph wrote an endearing review on Google sharing his positive and smooth experience with Dr. Tehrany and the team.
“Dr. Tehrany and his staff are the best. Dr. Tehrany was immediately able to find the problem in my shoulder/bicep area after reviewing the MRI. The surgery went exceptionally well, and I was very impressed with how they checked up on me a few days after the surgery to see how I was feeling. I’m six months post shoulder surgery and am pretty much pain-free and am able to do the stuff I love to do like workout, golf, and, most importantly, hold my little daughter with no shoulder stiffness. I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Tehrany if you have any shoulder issues.”
This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.