Knee and shoulder injuries can cause excruciating pain and may limit the ability to perform everyday activities. In such moments, the most important thing that we as doctors can do, along with providing an orthopedic treatment, is to comfort the patients and make the whole recovery process smooth and easy for them. When visiting an orthopedic doctor patients are usually upset and fear the possibility of undergoing an orthopedic surgery. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care we pride ourselves to be the orthopedic center that educates patients for everything related to their injury and treatment. orthopedic surgery   Silvia Lee was a patient who was very upset because of her injury. She was scheduled for an orthopedic surgery. During the surgery, we made sure she was informed about every step of the surgery and recovery process. We made sure to put her mind at ease because that’s the best way to heal faster and better. The care we provided for Silvia inspired her to share her positive experience at Manhattan Orthopedic Care with the rest of the world. Here’s the perfect Yelp review that she gave us:
“A very positive experience! Dr. Tehrany and team from pre to post procedure was excellent providing assessment and recommendations. Clearly set expectations. Surgery and post op has been very good with regular follow-up progress visits. A lot of doctors don’t communicate very well with the patients but this team did a great job with that. Post op now three months and am progressing very well.”
Once again we are happy that we helped in the best way we can. Thank you, Silvia, for your kind words. They are an inspiration for us to continue with our dedication to providing the utmost orthopedic care.
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.