Meniscus repair is an outpatient procedure to repair torn knee cartilage. Knee surgeons use a variety of techniques to repair a meniscus tear; however, the arthroscopic meniscus repair has proven to be the most effective treatment for the torn knee cartilage. It’s a simple procedure with positive results in over 90% of the patients. The main goal of the procedure is to preserve healthy meniscus tissue. As an experienced knee specialist, Dr. Armin Tehrany has performed numerous meniscus repairs. Christopher Dales is one of the many happy patients that trusted Dr. Tehrany with their health and well-being. Christopher suffered a painful meniscus tear that required urgent medical attention. Dr. Tehrany’s insightfulness and skillfulness helped him form the proper diagnosis shortly after Christopher’s appointment started. He recommended proceeding with the arthroscopic meniscus repair. Six months after the surgery, Christopher had a follow-up appointment where he impressed Dr. Tehrany with his recovery. He said that he felt almost 100% of what he was before injuring his knee. His commitment to following the post-op instructions has immensely helped him in strengthening his knee. Thrilled with the results and happy that he will be able to get back to the soccer field, Christopher wrote a genuine review on Google Moreover, he agreed to express his satisfaction and gratitude to Dr. Tehrany and his team with a video testimonial.
Video transcription: Dr. Tehrany: One of my patients who had a meniscus repair, which is different than having the meniscus trimmed out. Because he had his meniscus, which was a bucket handle tear, flipped out, and we need to put it back there and repair it. How did that go? Christopher: It went well. I’m nearly six months out now; I’m feeling a lot better, 99% of what it was. Dr. Tehrany: And you are ready to play soccer. Christopher: I feel ready, yes. Dr. Tehrany: Are you sure? Christopher: I won’t be going straight back, but I feel ready. Dr. Tehrany: The key is to make sure that the meniscus is ready and healed well enough, which means giving enough time and check certain things with physical therapy so that you can get back on the soccer field.