It’s very important that we try different options before we decide on surgery.  The most suitable treatment is the best treatment, as was the case with Michele’s broken knee patella.  We are continually driven by our goal to help all patients in the most comfortable and soothing way. We have successfully helped many patients with our non-surgical treatments like physical therapies or PRP treatments.   One of those patients is Michele Yokell, a New York City teacher who suffered a broken knee patella on her right knee. Patellar fractures are serious injuries followed by a great amount of swell, inability to straighten the leg, even an inability to walk. Unfortunately, Michele’s mobility was gone – she was able to move only with the help of her crutches, and she had to stay away from work and her students, which didn’t make her feel good. Her friend, who was also her colleague, recommended Dr. Tehrany to Michele. When Dr. Tehrany examined her, diagnosed her broken knee patella, he immediately found the perfect solution, which fortunately didn’t require a knee surgery. Michele was recommended a physical therapy. Dr. Tehrany’s team at Manhattan Orthopedic Care made the recovery process easy, comfortable and pain-free, for which Michele now is greatly thankful. Watch the video and you can witness the happiness in her voice for having Dr. Tehrany help her with the broken knee patella.
“Hi, my name is Michele Yokell. I’m a teacher here in New York City and on November 3rd I was knocked over and I broke my patella on my right knee. I was in huge pain and I really didn’t know what to do. Being a teacher I went to the head of the PTA, who is my friend, and she had recommended Dr. Tehrany because she had previously had surgery that he had performed and she thought the world of him. I took her advice, I came to Dr. Tehrany and I did not need surgery, all I needed was time to have it heal, but he was so re-assuring and really calming for me, that it made me feel better. I was in a huge pain, I couldn’t do anything for myself. I was on crutches, my leg was swollen the size of a watermelon, I had gone to the emergency room when it happened, it was really bad. So it was great to have somebody as calm and directive as Dr. Tehrany was. He recommended physical therapy, after I was well enough to have physical therapy. Anytime I called the office people were kind and helpful, always asking me how I was feeling and being very directive in their advice. Now, it is three and a half months later, I’m walking without crutches, I can go up and down the steps, I don’t have to have someone else having the classes for me because I have mobility and I can get on the floor and work with the kids the way I had before. And I’m grateful to Dr. Tehrany. All I can say is: Thank you! I would highly recommend him to anybody who has anything wrong with any of their limbs and I hope it doesn’t happen to any of you. Falling and being pushed to breaking anything is not great, but at least a good care makes you feel like you are able to get yourself back again.”
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.