What safety precautions do Dr. Tehrany and his team practice for treating patients?

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way medical professionals and facilities function. At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we have made significant adjustments to maximize the level of care and minimize the risk of infection for our patients. Dr. Armin Tehrany understands the severity of the situation and made Telemedicine appointments available for all patients. The entire staff have been trained to help onboard our patients with Zoom Telemedicine technology. This way, patients can video-conference with Dr. Tehrany and his team from the comfort and safety of their home. Patients with scheduled surgeries that are urgent are being treated at a surgical center with the highest level of safety measures.
“We have been careful about what types of orthopedic surgery cases we can and cannot do.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve contacted all of my patients that have surgeries scheduled, and I’ve had frank conversations with them,” explains Dr. Tehrany. 
  Dr. Tehrany and his team review each patient thoroughly and evaluate the degree of patient’s pain and discomfort to determine the best course of action. Additionally, Dr. Tehrany also considers the nature of the pain as specific injuries can compound over time without proper care, leaving the patient exposed to more acute symptoms. During his conversation with patients, Dr. Tehrany asks several crucial questions that immensely help him decide which patients require surgery right away. 
“The process of that is [includes] how they are doing, do they have ligament tears and cuff tears, the types of things that if we hold off on doing them, there is a delay in the outcome and there is a negative outcome. How bad is their pain? Do they have debilitating pain at rest? Is it affecting their activities and daily living?” says Dr. Tehrany.
Moreover, the current state of the patient’s health is a significant factor as well due to the susceptibility of those with lower health immunity to contracting coronavirus. Although there is always a level of risk, Dr. Tehrany performs surgeries in a surgery center, not a hospital; this lowers the risk of exposure to coronavirus significantly. Dr. Tehrany continues to take every precaution to ensure that he and his team remain healthy and ready to serve. Dr. Tehrany concludes his message while preparing for a patient procedure by displaying one means of minimizing risk exposure.
“I’m going to put my N95 mask on, which is hopefully going to provide safety for us, and we’re going to go on in.”
Should you find yourself in need of orthopedic services, rest assured that we are taking every safety measure available to provide an environment you’ll feel comfortable in. If you need to talk to an orthopedic specialist, schedule your Telemedicine appointment with Dr. Tehrany today!