Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction with Dr. Armin Tehrany

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At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we help those who bravely serve our community with honor and profound gratitude. Recently, we had a chance to take care of a 29-year old NYC firefighter, a brave man who felt a crack in his knee after he slipped. Unfortunately, the cracking noise was the sound of both his ACL and meniscus tears. Considering the risk involved in our patient’s work, along with the severe impact the injury can have on his performance, Dr. Armin Tehrany recommended proceeding with knee surgery to address both tears at once. As an orthopedic specialist who firmly believes in educating the community about surgical procedures, Dr. Tehrany once again took the opportunity to provide a closer look at the knee joint and the ACL. In his new video, Dr. Tehrany shows the flow and the steps of an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair.
  Unfortunately, at the very beginning of the surgery, Dr. Tehrany discovered that the patient had a predisposed condition that actually caused the ACL tear and meniscus tear. According to Dr. Tehrany, the patient suffered a deviation from the joint’s normal structure in the knee.
“This is additional condyle. This is a genetic abnormality that there is too much of this [condyle], so that is digging into the ACL,” Dr. Tehrany pointed out.
The condyle is the bone’s rounded end that allows it to interact with another bone in a joint. In the video, Dr. Tehrany explained that the intercondylar notch in the patient was too narrow, which predisposed him to tear his ACL. For that reason, Dr. Tehrany performed notchplasty. This procedure involves shaving down some of the extra condyle to allow for more space in between the joint. The expanded space between the condyle and the ACL allows the knee to function properly and smoothly.
“I removed some of that notch because there was too much notch before, and now, when we straighten out the knee, you see the ACL gliding right through nicely,” Dr. Tehrany explained.
After the notchplasty, Dr. Tehrany removed the torn ACL and replaced it with an autograft. The goal of the ACL reconstruction is to allow the ligament to perform successfully. After the ACL reconstruction, Dr. Tehrany guided the patient through the recovery period providing excellent orthopedic support. With Dr. Tehrany’s expertise and the care provided by his team, the patient is now on his way to full recovery. If you experience any knee pain or problem, feel free to contact us immediately to schedule an appointment with one of the top New York knee specialists, Dr. Armin Tehrany.