Bono, U2’s lead singer, requires serious shoulder surgery

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This past week, the entertainment news has been flooded with updates on Bono’s bike crash and shoulder surgery.  What Bono experienced last weekend was a Sunday Bloody Sunday indeed.

While cycling through New York’s Central Park last Sunday, the singer was involved in a bike accident. In an attempt to avoid collision with another rider, Bono had what we in the medical world call “a high-energy bicycle accident”. In the accident, Bono sustained serious shoulder injuries, including a “facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye” and three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade. The most serious injury seemed to be the fracture on the left humerus bone in his upper arm, since it broke in six different places and tore through the skin.

Dr. Tehrany’s video statement for Bono’s injury

After the accident, Bono was rushed to the hospital, where he was immediately taken to the operating room for five hours of shoulder surgery to repair his upper arm. The very next day he underwent another surgery to repair his fractured finger. Dr. Armin Tehrany, leading orthopedic surgeon at Manhattan Orthopedic Care, felt quite concerned after receiving the news about Bono’s injury and accident. Not only as a huge fan of U2, but as an orthopedic shoulder specialist as well. Being a shoulder doctor with a wide experience in different types of shoulder surgery, helps him understand the complexity of Bono’s injuries from the bike crash. In his expert opinion, Bono should expect a full recovery and get back on the stage continuing his tour very soon. Even though the shoulder surgery will require intensive and progressive therapy, seems like the show will go on.  No news about canceling the  upcoming U2 tour, however, the band did cancel their week-long residence on NBC’s “Tonight Show”.
“The lead singer for one of my favorite bands of all time, U2, seems to be having a string of bad luck these days: from needing to apologize for giving away the latest U2 album for free, then the cargo door of his plane falling off in mid-flight, leading to all his luggage falling out the plane, and most recently, and most importantly, suffering a bike accident in Central Park on Sunday, resulting in very severe damage to his eye, his shoulder and a finger. As an orthopedic surgeon, I was concerned to hear how severe Bono’s injury was, as he ended up with three different fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of his left humerus bone in his upper arm, which shattered in six different places. We call his family to in order to them our best. This event was even more serious since the fracture broke through the skin thus creating a chance of infection. The shoulder fracture from the accident ended up requiring surgery, and this type of fracture, affecting the shoulder blade and involving plates and screws usually has a long recovery period. Indeed, the Show must go on, but in Bono’s case, it won’t be “with or without” him, as U2 had to cancel their week-long appearance on “The Tonight Show”. The good news is that Bono IS expected to make a full recovery, and whether these injuries will affect his tour will simply depend on how long that recovery takes. Personally, I feel that he has a good chance to continue to tour, and I feel he is back in action as soon as he can to get started on time. (So I can go a few more concerts :))”
At Manhattan Orthopedic Care we all join Dr. Tehrany’s wishes for Bono’s recovery from his shoulder surgery.