CBS New York: Dr. Tehrany discusses the hidden summer dangers that can ruin the summer fun for everyone

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Summertime, and the living is not that easy if a severe shoulder or knee injury occurs. In order to help people fully enjoy an injury-free summer, and provide expert tips on how to prevent orthopedic knee and shoulder injuries, the weekend morning producer on CBS New York asked Dr. Armin Tehrany, founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care and Honorary NYPD Surgeon, to join the weekend live segment and be the expert voice discussing the injuries along with prevention. Yesterday, the hosts of the weekend morning segment, Cindy Hsu and Andrea Grymes, welcomed Dr. Tehrany for a brief, yet educational interview that highlighted the most common knee and shoulder injuries.
Summer brings fun and dynamic activities that everyone gladly jumps into, however, there are numerous underlying risks that threaten to ruin the fun for the entire family. As one the most common shoulder injuries in summer, the Swimmers shoulder was the first discussed injury during the interview. After thoroughly explaining what Swimmers Shoulder actually is, Dr. Tehrany shared beneficial prevention tips. On the question of what should summer swimmers keep in mind to prevent Swimmers shoulder, Dr. Tehrany explained that people should start with slow swimming routines.
“The first thing to remember is if they haven’t swum often until summer, you can’t go from first gear to eight gear all of a sudden if you start swimming. Good thing is to ease into it at first, and if you notice that it starts to bother you during swimming, slow down a little, do a little less, and pay attention to your form” explained Dr. Tehrany.

How to prevent painful knee and shoulder injuries?

Further, in the interview, Dr. Tehrany also discussed knee injury prevention while being active at the beach. According to Dr. Tehrany, the enthusiasm of the beach goers for a long run by the water can significantly impact the health of the knees due to the uneven running surface.
“It’s going to be important for them to also go carefully and slowly, and be aware of the fact that if they do too much running on that uneven surface, it can start to hurt the knee, especially around the kneecap. That’s why it is important for them to pace themselves and pay attention to what they are doing,” continued Dr. Tehrany.
The hidden dangers of summer activities are particularly present at children playgrounds. One of the most common injuries seen in children is the Little League elbow, a condition typically seen in adults, but due to an elbow overuse, children can also suffer from this condition, especially in summer. According to Dr. Tehrany, the children play a variety of sports all year long and “they are not really giving their elbow a break.”
“The best thing to do for the parents is to understand: give your kid a three to six months off from throwing to give their elbow a chance to grow properly. If they get injured, don’t worry. Come to get it checked out, it’s usually something that it heals on its own,” said Dr. Tehrany.
In conclusion, Dr. Tehrany shared the parenting tips he keeps in mind as a father of two young girls.
“What I tell them is to go slow and steady into whatever you want, and come to talk to your dad before you choose, because he is an orthopedic surgeon, and just have fun,” concluded Dr. Tehrany.