NFL Concussions Raise Questions About Football Safety

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With hundreds of millions of fans glued to their TVs to watch the NFL playoffs, and the Super Bowl on February 2nd, the issue of NFL brain injuries has taken the main stage yet again. concussions Tougher rules have been established to guard the players against NFL concussions and its consequences, “the focus on  NFL concussions is overdue; less attention is paid of the pervasive use of painkillers in locker rooms, leaving some players, eager to keep their livelihood, oblivious to potentially serious injuries”, the New York Times writes. According to the Frontline’s Concussion Watch, there were 147 concussions in 2013 or average of 10 per week. Because of its popularity that reaches young people and kids too, football and its perils should be taken quite seriously, explains Manhattan Orthopedic Care specialist Dr. Armin Tehrany. The NFL should be transparent about the management of NFL head injuries, and be brave in promoting safety and medical education about the risks involved.
“Football is one of the most popular sports in the country. Due to the dangers involved, the NFL needs to continue to protect its players. In addition, parents need to accept the fact the risks involved for their kids are very high!”, said Dr. Tehrany.