Dr. Tehrany exploits knee arthroscopy to examine knee issues for an ACL reconstruction patient

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Knee arthroscopy is a helpful procedure to determine the source of knee pain and solve many concerns. It provides perfect visualizations that immensely help the knee surgeon to form the correct diagnoses. One of our recent patients, a nurse from an orthopedic hospital, came to see Dr. Tehrany for an opinion on her knee issues. She had undergone an ACL reconstruction many years ago, and she still had been experiencing buckling and knee instability. Considered for her knee health, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tehrany to check if he can provide treatment that will eliminate the discomfort for good. During the examination, Dr. Tehrany felt that the knee hides some concerning issues that the physical exam could not reveal. He recommended proceeding with the knee arthroscopy to get a complete insight into the knee joint.
“When I did a physical exam called a Pivot Shift Test, it seemed abnormal, so I’m concerned about that,” Dr. Tehrany explained in the knee arthroscopy video he recorded with the patient’s consent.

What did the Knee Arthroscopy reveal?

While performing the knee arthroscopy, Dr. Tehrany noticed a concerning issue. In the video, he noted that the ACL attachment to the femur was not great.
“What we see is that there is a little bit of damage, not bad. I have to have a conversation with her about how to proceed. I think physical therapy is fine for now, but if she continues to have some buckling or instability, she will, unfortunately, have to consider revision of the ACL reconstruction,” said Dr. Tehrany.
Dr. Tehrany is a strong advocate for treatment that best fits the patient’s needs. He always opts for non-surgical treatment plans when possible. He will work on a physical therapy plan that he believes will provide the best results for this patient. If you are looking for a trusted opinion from a knee professional, schedule an appointment today. Dr. Tehrany is one of the most reviewed and trusted orthopedic experts. You can entirely rely on his knowledge and skills to perform a thorough evaluation, provide correct diagnosis and offer the best treatment plan for your needs.