Dr. Tehrany gives the fitness trends followers a few helpful tips on injury prevention

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Fitness enthusiasts are always looking to try the latest fitness trends, but unfortunately, a lot of them don’t educate themselves enough about potential injuries. By focusing more on the adrenalin rush and the effects of the workout, and less on the possible side effects, a lot of people fail to understand that some fitness programs can seriously impact their health and lifestyle. As an orthopedic doctor who has examined and successfully treated a number of sports and fitness enthusiasts, Dr. Armin Tehrany gladly jumps to the opportunity to help the fitness community by raising awareness about the possible harmful consequences of exercise. Most recently, he extended his expert opinion on this topic in an article published by one of the most comprehensive sources for fitness and health, LiveStrong.com. In the article, Dr. Tehrany emphasizes the importance of choosing a suitable fitness routine for achieving the desired body results, with no side effects. For the purpose of the story, Dr. Tehrany highlighted the risk of injuries, and shared specific tips on how to prevent injuries while practicing the top four fitness trends of 2017: HIIT, Hot Yoga, Circuit Traning, and CrossFit. The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most attractive fitness routines that helps shape the body and improve the overall health. However, due to its high intensity, the HIIT routine requires a lot of muscle strength, and a perfect heart condition. For this reason, Dr. Tehrany emphasizes the fact that it’s crucial “to always start the workout with an experienced, certified trainer who will monitor the practitioner through the workouts.” The second fitness trend, Hot Yoga, is believed to be an amazing stress-reliever. However, if not practiced correctly, this form of Yoga can lead to painful injuries that “include strained muscles, rotator cuff tears in the shoulders, torn cartilage in the knees, and lower-back injuries.” According to Dr. Tehrany, the best way to avoid getting hurt while practicing Hot Yoga is to “do a few warm-up stretches, and cool down the body after the workout.” He also advises to always keep the body hydrated. The dynamic movements of the third fitness trend, Circuit Training, “have the potential to push the body and the knees to their limits.” In order to experience the benefits of this fitness routine, Dr. Tehrany recommends maintaining a proper form while exercising. That can be best achieved with the help and guidance of an experienced trainer. While the last fitness trend, CrossFit, is a routine that challenges every muscle in the body, it also comes with the risk of severe shoulder and knee injuries, especially among beginner fitness enthusiasts who don’t do it properly.
“It’s common to feel tired and weak after a CrossFit workout, but if you feel unusually tired, you should slow down immediately. The body knows its limits and its strength to bear the pressure and the intensity of the CrossFit routines, so you should pay attention to what it says. Crossing the limits always leads to complex, sometimes life-threatening injuries,” explains Dr. Tehrany.
In conclusion, Dr. Tehrany notes that “the decision to start a workout program should be a result of a thorough and careful consideration of all benefits and side-effect that might occur. Not every program has the same positive impact on everyone that participates in it.”
“Controlled and steady progress brings the best results. So, check out the 2017 fitness trends, consult your body, and start exercising,” concluded Dr. Tehrany.