Dr. Tehrany weighs in on the topic of knee and shoulder injury prevention during winter workouts

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During the cold winter months, people tend to avoid any type of activity that requires leaving their comfortable and warm home. Surprisingly, winter laziness does not only affect recreational athletes, but sports enthusiasts as well. The number of people who go on a long morning or night run is significantly lower during winter. knee and shoulder injury prevention In an article about staying fit during the winter, PopSugar consulted Dr. Armin Tehrany as an experienced orthopedic doctor. Dr. Tehrany gladly discussed the weather conditions and temperatures during which outdoor running should be replaced with indoor treadmills, and contributed to increasing awareness about knee and shoulder injury prevention among PopSugar’s athletic readers. According to Dr. Tehrany, running at low outdoor temperatures can cause no harm if done with a proper equipment for the cold weather. With that in mind, he made an important remark that there are a few crucial points to consider when planning to run outside in winter. When asked to explain at what point it becomes too cold to run outside, Dr. Tehrany observed that one should avoid outdoor activities “when the drawbacks of outside cold weather outweigh the benefits of a workout.” He further said that if the athlete is experienced, fully equipped, protected with warm, layered workout clothes, and doesn’t experience any pain, an outdoor run is a reasonable choice. When asked about injury indicators which signal that outdoor activities should be avoided, Dr. Tehrany elaborated: “The limit should include sharp pain in the joint, or a feeling of instability. If you’re running outside in freezing temps and start to feel “off” or wobbly in your joints — particularly your knees — bring it inside.” When inquired about knee and shoulder injury prevention in winter conditions, Dr. Tehrany recommended that it is crucial to take proper care of the joints with long walks in order to keep them lubricated, and to wear enough layers of thermal clothing to stay warm. The full interview is available at PopSugar.com.