Encouraging news: COVID-19 vaccine may be a reality by fall

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During these challenging times, where our lives transform daily, it is essential to follow the right information.  Dr. Armin Tehrany has been diligent in his sourcing and assessment of COVID-19 information to help everyone correctly understand the ongoing situation.  With the internet and the media overloaded with information, it is crucial to distinguish facts from popular opinion. Therefore, Dr. Tehrany has maintained a watchful eye for updates related to COVID-19 to keep the Manhattan Orthopedic Care community informed and encouraged by real progress.
  A recent update on the COVID-19 situation has sparked hope that quality of life could improve sooner than expected. In a piece of video news on CNN, Dr. Kizzmekia S. Corbett, a viral immunologist at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon.
“She is suggesting that for medical workers, we may have a vaccine by this fall, and something worldwide by next year. The possibility that we could have a vaccine in a few months is very, very encouraging,” Dr. Tehrany explains in his latest video.
Dr. Corbett has been working with a team of scientists since January on the development of an investigational vaccine, mRNA-1273.  The vaccine, which has seen positive results in animals, is currently under the testing process on human subjects through two intramuscular injections that are 28 days apart.  According to Dr. Tehrany, this news is hugely encouraging. Moreover, he is optimistic that soon the fight with this virus will be under better control.
“The vaccine news goes along with some other things I am hearing about how the speed at which we are able to control this virus is going faster and faster, so let’s stay hopeful,” Dr. Tehrany concludes with a positive tone.
As we continue to monitor the changing developments surrounding coronavirus, we hope that you successfully maintain positive spirits. We need to trust and support medical professionals like Dr. Corbett, who are vigorously working to provide an effective and safe solution for all of us to move forward with our lives.  At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we are committed to providing a safe and secure medical environment for your orthopedic care in this turbulent time. If you have concerns about the knee or shoulder, please feel free to schedule a Telemedicine video appointment with us. Thank you.