Inside the surgery center: Dr. Tehrany performs Frozen Shoulder Surgery

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As Manhattan Orthopedic Care enters into its second week in-office since reopening, our commitment to our current and prospective patients is stronger than ever. We have elevated our level of communication and transparency in an effort to provide increased education surrounding our care practices.  Dr. Armin Tehrany plans to continue sharing informative content that can help provide a sense of clarity and comfort for those who may be having experiences similar to those of our patients. Dr. Tehrany understands that it can be troubling to experience unfamiliar symptoms and be unsure of how to proceed.  He hopes to be a source of reliable information for those who are in the midst of making important healthcare decisions.
  Dr. Tehrany brings us along into surgery again, this time for a patient diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, or what is commonly known as a frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is commonly found in people between 40 to 60 years old.  It is characterized by stiffness and loss of shoulder mobility. He guides us audibly through the inside of the patient’s joint, directing our focus to a red, thick tissue shown on screen.
“All this red stuff here we call synovitis,” he explains while breaking up the tissue on screen. It is extremely thick in this patient and needs to be reset.” 
Synovitis occurs when the synovium within a joint is inflamed.  This occurs as an abnormal immune response that leads to cartilage loss, which over time causes stiffness. Dr. Tehrany is meticulous in the process of resetting the capsular tissue of the synovium. 
“The key is to be careful not to tear the rotator cuff tendon, not to tear this biceps tendon in order to be able to get the result we need,” he explains.
This resetting allows the joint capsule to loosen. Dr. Tehrany admits that this will be helpful in restoring the patient’s shoulder. We’re glad to have helped this gentleman to resume his quality of life free of shoulder pain. We look forward to any questions you may have about any shoulder pain you may be experiencing. Please feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment today with New York’s top-rated orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Armin Tehrany.