Knicks Lost To Indiana, But The Road To Recovery From Shoulder Injuries Starts Now

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The New York Knicks lost their final Game 6 to the Indiana Pacers. It was hard for the Knicks especially when some key players were struggling with shoulder injuries, but you can’t take anything away from Indiana’s tough defense. The Pacers are off to the eastern finals against the defending NBA champions, The Miami Heat. “Beat the heat”, Pacers’ fans chanted in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse arena during the 106-99 victory over the Knicks. The finals bring huge anticipation and desire for a revenge – their team lost last May to Miami, but now… now they want revenge! For the Knicks, though, they gave their best even with some of their key players struggling with shoulder injuries. Now, it’s maybe time to recover and prepare for the next season. That means that Amar’e Stoudemire can recover fully, and more importantly, Knicks’ star player, and one of the NBA’s best, Carmelo Anthony can get his shoulder properly examined. Fortunately for Anthony, first signs show that he won’t need surgery. His shoulder injury can be repaired with rest and therapy.
“Oh well. It was a valiant effort. Now Carmelo can get his unstable shoulder fixed”, said MOC’s physician and Knicks fan, Dr. Armin Tehrany.