New video: The Needle Arthroscopy helped Dr. Tehrany form a conclusive diagnosis

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Needle arthroscopy is an innovative approach utilized to address many common orthopedic conditions such as meniscus injuries in the knee and biceps injuries to the shoulder. It is a simple procedure that allows orthopedic surgeons to perform procedures without the use of general anesthesia. Moreover, needle arthroscopy requires no incisions and no suture. As a painless and straightforward procedure, needle arthroscopy can be extremely helpful when forming a diagnosis in patients with severe knee or shoulder conditions. As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic procedures, Dr. Armin Tehrany is a firm believer in the advantages of the needle arthroscopy. One of his recent patients had a needle arthroscopy. Dr. Tehrany’s Physician Associate, Stephen Bouskila, performed the procedure to confirm the issues in the patient’s knee additionally. According to the initial diagnosis, the patient suffered crepitus, chondromalacia, and patellar tilt.
The Needle Arthroscopy took place in the procedure room where the patient received local anesthesia. Once he felt comfortable, PA Bouskila began with the process. First, he inserted the needle arthroscopic diagnostic camera device into the medial compartment of the knee. With the camera, PA Bouskila obtained an excellent visualization of the medial compartment. Unfortunately, there was a significant amount of mild and moderate cartilage damage with unstable cartilage flaps in the knee. Chondromalacia, commonly referred to as runner’s knee, is typically seen in young athletes or older adults who have arthritis. Thankfully, the medial meniscus appeared intact along with the medial tibial plateau and the ACL. However, further inspection of the medial compartment through the needle arthroscopy revealed multiple small loose bodies in the medial compartment. With the needle arthroscopy, Dr. Tehrany and PA Bouskila gained a better understanding of the real cause for the patient’s knee pain. The complete internal look allowed them to recommend the most suitable treatment to address all issues and help the patient enjoy a pain-free life again. Whether you need an additional confirmation on your diagnosis, or need a consultation with an orthopedic doctor, schedule your consultation with Dr. Tehrany. It’s time to put a stop to your knee or shoulder pain!