New surgery video: Arthroscopic Synovectomy to relieve pain caused by shoulder arthritis

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An arthroscopic synovectomy is a minimally invasive procedure to treat synovitis and other conditions that affect the synovium. The synovium is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the joints. One of Dr. Tehrany’s recent patients suffered from severe shoulder arthritis. The patient had been struggling with this shoulder condition for a long time. Her shoulder was in terrible shape when she had her first appointment with Dr. Tehrany.  The shoulder arthritis had caused severe inflammation of the synovium. During the appointment, Dr. Tehrany carefully examined the shoulder. He immediately knew that an arthroscopic synovectomy would be the most effective treatment. Moreover, the arthroscopic surgery would also enable him to address all issues he discovered during the appointment.  Dr. Tehrany recommends arthroscopic synovectomy in patients who do not respond to medication treatments for synovium inflammation. Depending on the amount of damage to the synovium, the synovectomy can be partial or complete.  With the patient’s consent, Dr. Tehrany recorded the procedure to help everyone better understand this shoulder procedure. 
Once Dr. Therany inserted the arthroscope into the shoulder, he discovered that both labrum and biceps tendon were impaired. Additionally, the cartilage was completely gone. However, the synovium did not require complete removal, so Dr. Tehrany cleaned the area to relieve the pain caused by the inflammation. 
“We are going to clean this up, and we are going to take care of this biceps tendon. I already cleaned up a little bit of the synovitis, the angry, red inflammatory tissue here, so that she can get some relief,” explained Dr. Tehrany.
Synovectomy can provide immense pain relief and significant improvement in the shoulder’s function. As a minimally invasive procedure, arthroscopic synovectomy has low complication rates. However, Dr. Tehrany recommends physical therapy shortly after the procedure to enable the shoulder to fight the stiffness and regain flexibility. Dr. Armin Tehrany is one of the top New York orthopedic doctors available to help with any shoulder and pain. If you experience any problem with your knee or shoulder, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tehrany to discuss treatment options and start enjoying a pain-free life again!