New surgery video: With Needlescope and PRP Injections to a pain-free life

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At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we continuously explore new and more effective solutions for orthopedic care. Technology advancements have helped us serve our patients most conveniently.  Needlsecope is a result of those advancements. It is a non-invasive procedure developed to provide doctors with better insight than the traditional MRI and X-Rays do.  As a tech-savvy person and a medical professional who is always alert on new practices and treatments, Dr. Tehrany has employed the needlescope for quite some time.  He recently had a patient who experienced weakness, swelling, and significant difficulty in moving her knee. The patient faced cruel pain while performing ordinary daily activities like climbing stairs and even walking. After he examined her knee, Dr. Tehrany inferred that the patient’s symptoms required additional analysis. He then decided to proceed with knee arthroscopy to get a more detailed insight of the knee’s condition. Out of a commitment to educating patients and upcoming healthcare professionals alike, Dr. Tehrany recorded the procedure and shared his expert opinion.
Once he inserted the arthroscope, he discovered that the patient’s knees were worse than expected and degenerated from a severe case of knee arthritis, also visible on the camera.
 “If you look inside the knee here, you can see that is terrible Grade 4 arthritis, bone on bone,” explained Dr. Tehrany.
With the knee arthroscopy, Dr. Tehrany could form a precise diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment. Considering the overall knee condition, Dr. Tehrany decided to proceed with PRP Injections to relieve the patient’s knee’s unbearable pain.  Due to the severity of this patient’s knee condition, the PRP will not reverse the condition. However, Dr. Tehrany is confident that the injections will prolong the need for a total knee replacement. If you are experiencing pain that needs a shoulder and knee expert’s attention, schedule a consultation with Dr. Armin Tehrany today. Feel confident that you will receive the highest level of care and respect that Dr. Tehrany extends to all of his patients.