New surgery video: Dr. Tehrany and his PA, Tim Lopresti perform surgery for shoulder dislocation

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Recently, Dr. Armin Tehrany extended his knowledge and expertise to a young patient suffering from a shoulder dislocation. As a result of the dislocation, the patient also suffered shoulder instability. Moreover, he also suffered chondromalacia that contributed to shoulder instability and increased pain. Chondromalacia occurs when the cartilage protecting the joints breaks down. As a result, bones rub unnaturally against one another rather than glide smoothly. During the examination, Dr. Tehrany also discovered a condition known as a Hill-Sachs lesion, a common discovery in patients with shoulder dislocation. The Hill-Sachs is a condition when the humerus ball pops out of the shoulder socket, fractures the joint, and leads to pain and suffering. The thorough examination and the patient’s detailed answers helped Dr. Tehrany understand the complexity of the patient’s condition. After careful consideration, Dr. Tehrany proceeded with the treatment plan he believed will resolve the patient’s terrible condition. Dr. Tehrany recommended proceeding with shoulder surgery to repair the dislocation and the other issues he discovered. Before proceeding with the surgery, Dr. Tehrany described the entire process in detail to the patient, helping him experience a calm and peaceful surgical experience. Once again, Dr. Tehrany jumped into the opportunity to educate the audience about shoulder dislocation by recording the surgery with the patient’s consent. 
  During the surgery, Dr. Tehrany first addressed the loose bodies in the shoulder caused by the friction between the bones in the shoulder joint. He then proceeded with a Shoulder Bankart repair with three anchors to help support the shoulder joint. Lastly, he performed a Posterior Bankart repair with one anchor, which consisted of reconnecting the torn posterior capsule to the glenoid rim. After the surgery, Dr. Tehrany shared his high hopes for the patient’s recovery, despite the complexity of his condition before surgery. 
“Because he’s 19, hopefully, his body will do a great job of scarring in,” said Dr. Tehrany.
After the surgery, Dr. Tehrany and his team continued to provide assistance and support to the patient for a smooth and speedy recovery.  If you experience a shoulder any painful shoulder condition, we are here to help! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Armin Tehrany, a top-rated shoulder doctor in New York today!