Dr. Tehrany shares five tips for a smooth recovery after shoulder surgery

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Ongoing shoulder pain is a clear sign that it is time to visit a shoulder doctor. People usually tend to avoid doctor visits and try to alleviate the pain. Still, if the pain doesn’t subside after a prolonged period, there must be an issue that requires medical attention. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Armin Tehrany has always attempted to educate potential patients on when and why to seek medical attention. While numerous conditions require treatment with pain medications and hot or warms packs, there are still ones that need a surgical approach. Shoulder surgeries can vary from simple to complex, depending on the severity of shoulder injury or condition. However, both types require a smooth recovery period so that the shoulder can comfortably get back the strength and health. shoulder surgery recovery Once again, Dr. Tehrany gladly extends his expertise to everyone who requires shoulder surgery. According to Dr. Tehrany, the recovery period is as important as the surgery itself. Going through a recovery period monitored by professionals is essential for a successful outcome. However, there a few aspects that patients should consider for a smooth recovery. As Dr. Tehrany usually says to his patients:
“Everything starts by creating a comfortable environment at home.”
Following is a list of professional tips on how patients can help themselves during their recovery period.

Place daily used objects and accessories to accessible areas and spots.

The nature of the shoulder injury determines the surgery. However, whether the surgery is shoulder impingement surgery, arthroscopic slap repair, or another shoulder procedure, patients usually have limited shoulder joint use after the surgery. Shoulder surgery patients can improve their post-surgery experience tremendously by making all regularly used objects easily accessible. Anything that requires overhead lifting will be off-limits in the weeks following surgery. Before surgery, they should use this as a gauge to determine what items require relocation. shoulder surgery recovery

Complete any household work

Housework after shoulder surgery may be difficult, if not wholly impossible. It requires moving objects and using the shoulder at all times. According to Dr. Tehrany, shoulder surgery patients should complete any pending chores before surgery to avoid the urge to do so after the procedure.

Choose an aftercare provider

An aftercare provider can be a family member or a professional care provider. The aftercare provider can assist the patient with transportation from the surgery center and the accommodation at home. Additionally, the person who will take care of the patient will also need to assist the patient with their basic needs since they will not be able to complete them by themselves. shoulder surgery recovery

Set up a designated recovery area at home

After shoulder surgery, patients need a designated area that is comfortable, easily accessible, and equipped with all foreseeable needs for the next 12 to 24 hours. Typically, after surgery, patients spend most of the day resting. Still, Dr. Tehrany recommends having a mix of entertainment options and refreshments at fingertips.

Get all medications before surgery

Patients should remember to pick up any recommended medications before surgery so they can be at peace at home. This is exceptionally important for patients who undergo a simple procedure and leave the surgery center the same day. They will experience the effects of anesthesia, so they’ll need to head home and sleep them off. Patients who will go home after a few days still need to make sure to get all medications on time so that their stay at home is calm.