New surgery video: Triple rotator cuff and dislocated shoulder repair

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Severe shoulder injuries often occur as a result of a terrible trauma to the shoulder. One of our recent patients has been involved in a motorcycle accident that led him to painful and complicated shoulder injuries. Unfortunately, he fell directly on his shoulder and ended up with a dislocated shoulder and three rotator cuff tears. He had an appointment at Manhattan Orthopedic Care with Dr. Armin Tehrany, one of the top New York orthopedic doctors. Only a few minutes within the appointment, Dr. Tehrany recognized the shoulder condition’s severity and immediately diagnosed the patient with a dislocated shoulder. However, before forming a detailed diagnosis, Dr. Tehrany examined the shoulder thoroughly and decided to proceed with a diagnostic arthroscopy to inspect the shoulder condition thoroughly. Dr. Tehrany took the opportunity to record the procedure and provide insight into the diagnostic arthroscopy flow.
The diagnostic arthroscopy revealed the need for intensive surgery. In addition to the dislocated shoulder, the patient suffered three torn rotator cuff tendons. As shown in the video, Dr. Tehrany discussed the next steps of the treatment with PA Tim Lopresti, and decided to break the surgery into two parts. Dr. Tehrany and Tim began the surgery by clearing the surrounding area of the inflamed tissue, which enabled them to get a clear view of the damaged tendons. Once he achieved clear visual, Dr. Tehrany continued with the tendon reconstruction. First, Dr. Tehrany addressed the subscapularis rotator cuff tear and biceps tendon tear. Then, he proceeded with the repair of the second set of rotator cuff tendons. While performing the surgery, Dr. Tehrany described every detail of the treatment and discussed further steps with his PA and the entire team involved in the surgery. This way of communicating ensures everyone is on the same page of the treatment course, thus completing the surgery with the best outcome for the patient. After completing the surgery, Dr. Tehrany took a moment to emphasize the complexity of the surgical process.
“We basically did two rotator cuff repairs and reconstructed the biceps and took off two bone spurs, so time for me to relax!” he said with a smile, satisfied with the accomplished results.
The second part of the surgical process was the repair of the dislocated shoulder. After the dislocated shoulder repair, the patient will be on the road to recovery with the full support of Dr. Tehrany and his team. Dr. Tehrany is honored to have helped this gentleman with his painful injury. The patient now is feeling much better than before the surgery. If you experience any pain or discomfort in your shoulder, book an appointment with Dr. Tehrany.