New video: Dr. Tehrany performs knee arthroscopy to delay a more aggressive approach for an overweight patient

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Every patient that walks through the doors of Manhattan Orthopedic Care has unique needs. As an immensely experienced surgeon with countless knee and shoulder surgeries performed, Dr. Tehrany knows that no two patients can undergo the same treatment. That’s why Dr. Tehrany always customizes his to the patient’s individual needs. Recently, he had a patient that had to undergo a knee arthroscopy. While in most patients, this procedure is routinely performed, this patient had a different story. The patient was 6’1’’, overweight, and his knees sustained a significant amount of the body weight. In overweight patients, the knees deteriorate more quickly. For that reason, the patient was experiencing painful and severe problems at the age of 38. Moreover, performing surgeries in overweight patients can be more challenging than usual. Once again, Dr. Tehrany took the opportunity to welcome the community into the surgery room and share details on the knee arthroscopy.
  During the knee arthroscopy, Dr. Tehrany discovered that there had been bone to bone interaction. Considering the damage brought to the knee, Dr. Tehrany knew that total knee replacement would solve the patient’s problems in the short run. However, in the long run, the replacement could quickly wear off due to the overweight, requiring a new knee replacement that could be very problematic because of the poor success rates. To help the patient, Dr. Tehrany proceeded with clearing the torn cartilage that he found within the knee joint. A torn cartilage can cause pain, swelling, and even a catching feeling in the joint. Dr. Tehrany decided to proceed with more conservative treatment to provide relief for the patient. By delaying a more aggressive approach, Dr. Tehrany hopes to preserve the total knee replacement as a viable option for the patient in later years if his knee condition worsens.
“Everyone has to be treated individually in terms of what their problem is, how we address it and how we decide whether we go conservative or aggressive,” explained Dr. Tehrany.
If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon who will genuinely consider your long-term needs to provide the most suitable treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Armin Tehrany right away. He will create a treatment plan to relieve your pain with the best possible outcome.