The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder that keeps the shoulder joint in place. This group of muscles also plays an essential role in lifting and moving the arm in different directions. As one of the most active joints in our body, the shoulder bears an immense pressure and is exceptionally prone to shoulder injuries and conditions. Rotator cuff tears are common injuries in people who perform over-head activities regularly, or who lift heavy objects every day. However, the rotator cuff tear can also occur as a result of direct trauma to the shoulder. Falling onto an outstretched arm is one of the most common reasons for the rotator cuff tear. rotator cuff tear repair The pain from the rotator cuff tear can be extremely agonizing. Depending on the severity of the damage, different treatment options can be applied. Often, conservative treatment that includes rest, ice, over-the-counter pain relievers successfully treat the tear. When the traditional method fails, or the rupture is hugely severe, arthroscopic shoulder surgery is the next option. Arthroscopic shoulder treatment is one of Dr. Armin Tehrany’s specialties. In his career, Dr. Tehrany has successfully performed the arthroscopic rotator cuff repair for countless patients. In January 2019, Edmund Costigan joined our family of happy and satisfied rotator cuff tear patients. When he first visited MOC, he was in excruciating pain due to a tear in the rotator cuff. As a remarkably experienced shoulder specialist, Dr. Tehrany was able to recognize the condition in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, Edmund’s shoulder was in a more terrible condition than the first impressions showed, and arthroscopic surgery was the only suitable treatment. Dr. Tehrany recommended scheduling the shoulder surgery right away to avoid further complications. The procedure was short and successful. After completing the recovery period, Edmund felt ready to get back to work a Jones Beach Lifeguard. Grateful for the superb care he received at Manhattan Orthopedic Care, Edmund left a candid review on Facebook that truly touched us.
Dr. Tehrany operated on my shoulder in January of 2019. He did a magnificent job. I am back at my job as a Jones Beach Lifeguard, passing the requalification, and back on the beach this summer, which I did not think could happen. Dr. Tehrany is the Best!
Thank you, Edmund, for trusting us to help you with your shoulder!
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.