The shoulder joint enables the motions of the head and the neck, as well as the arms. Since the arms move and rotate in many different positions, to the front, above, to the side, and behind the body, the shoulder joint has to be very flexible.  As much as the shoulder’s flexibility allows for a range of movements, it is also the main reason for this joint’s vulnerability. The multiple and complex functions of the shoulder make it prone to instability and injury. There are several different types of shoulder injuries and conditions, mostly caused by repetitive motions or traumas to the shoulder. Despite the fact that some shoulder injuries are caused by the heavy lifting or throwing typical for physically intensive jobs, other shoulder injuries are caused by everyday motions that do not require much effort. One occupation that comes with a substantial amount of shoulder injuries is nursing. According to data, nursing assistants are injured a lot more than other high-risk jobs, and the number one reason for that is the everyday task of moving and lifting patients of various weights. shoulder injuries Our sweet patient and ICU nurse Roda Aguilar suffered from a painful shoulder injury at work. After a lot of stress, obstacles, and pain, Roda received several recommendations from fellow nurses to go see Dr. Armin Tehrany at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. Dr. Tehrany and the MOC team gave Roda the comfortable, safe and exemplary care she needed, and successfully enabled her to go back to her noble job at full capacity. With profound gratitude for the care she received at our practice, Roda gave us a heartwarming testimonial:
“I was recommended by several nurses that I work with to go see Dr. Tehrany after having a shoulder injury at work. I never met such a wonderful and caring Doctor, PA, and Staff. With all my stress and pain endured with my injury, they made me feel comfortable, safe, and special. I knew I was in good hands. With all the obstacles that came with my injury leading towards my surgery, Dr. Tehrany ensured my family and I that everything would be ok. After my surgery, his practice continued to take very good care of me; making certain that my journey back to working as an ICU nurse would be a successful one. I would recommend him to everyone. They’re pretty amazing. Thank you for everything.”
Receiving such a wonderful note from a medical professional is extremely rewarding for our practice, and we are more than motivated to continue providing the utmost care to the colleagues that take care of others.  
This patient was treated at the Staten Island Office.