While going through a surgical process, it’s common for patients to feel confused, insecure, and anxious. Patients have numerous questions and concerns regarding their diagnosis and treatment plans. For that reason, doctors should always be reachable, understanding, and willing to provide the comfort patients need. As a caring professional, Dr. Armin Tehrany gladly accepts every opportunity to help patients who look for comfort, answers, and medical care. Jalal met Dr. Tehrany in the surgical center, where he had shoulder surgery with a different orthopedic doctor. However, after shortly talking to Dr. Tehrany, Jalal was impressed by Dr. Tehrany’s kindness and his open communication with him even though Jalal wasn’t his patient.
“He was really smiling, he gave me time, spoke to me, and I asked him some questions about the surgery. He comforted me really well and spent some time with me, although I wasn’t his patient. It was a great interaction that actually touched me,” says Jalal in his video testimonial.
After he went through the recovery period, Jalal decided to visit Dr. Tehrany for a second opinion. As an active person who enjoys playing a variety of sports, Jalal wanted to be 100% sure that his shoulder problem will no longer be an issue. Still impressed by Dr. Tehrany’s knowledge and friendly demeanor, Jalal flew in New York from Charlotte, North Carolina, for an appointment at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. During the appointment, Jalal experienced what he expected and more. Dr. Tehrany showed nothing less than compassion, understanding, comfort, and professionalism.
“Dr. Tehrany has great communication skills and brings understanding to the patients. He gave me all the time that I wanted, and he answered all my questions,” adds Jalal.
At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we strongly believe in the importance of second opinion appointments. Therefore, we developed a program that allows everyone to visit our offices located in Manhattan and Staten Island for a second opinion with Dr. Tehrany. To learn more about the second opinion, please click here.
This patient was treated at the Manhattan Office.