Surgery video: Dr. Tehrany helps a patient with a frozen shoulder

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Frozen shoulder is a common shoulder condition manifested by a loss of motion or stiffness in the shoulder and often accompanied by severe pain in the joint. As a result of the frozen shoulder, patients experience difficulty performing a variety of movements. This condition can severely impact patients’ lifestyles as patients are not able to perform their everyday activities. One of Dr. Tehrany’s recent patients suffered a frozen shoulder. After multiple shoulder surgeries, the patient was still experiencing stiffness and pain in the shoulder. During the appointment, Dr. Armin Tehrany, one of New York’s top shoulder specialists, recognized the frozen shoulder. While in most patients, the exact cause of this condition remains unknown, in this particular patient, the cause was thick scarring caused by the previous surgeries. As a result of the scarring tissue, the muscle that surrounds the shoulder became thick and inflamed. With the continuous arm movement, the tissue became more tightened and thick and locked the joint into place. As an experienced shoulder surgeon, Dr. Tehrany decided that the most effective and long-term treatment would be shoulder surgery.
  Once again, Dr. Tehrany decided to record the surgery, with the patient’s consent, to help the community learn more about frozen shoulder. His latest video shows the flow of the frozen shoulder surgery and the inside of the patient’s shoulder. The arthroscopic camera revealed the surprising thickness of the scar tissue.
“This scar is making it difficult for him to move his arm,” Dr. Tehrany explained.
To remedy the pain and remove scar tissue from the region, Dr. Tehrany decided to proceed with cauterizing. With this surgical process, Dr.Tehrany burned the excess tissue, which allowed the patient to feel and move better. The scar removal process is a meticulous one. For a successful outcome, it is crucial to differentiate the scar tissue from the healthy surrounding ligaments. As a highly skilled shoulder surgeon, Dr. Tehrany performed the surgery smoothly without any unexpected developments. In addition, Dr. Tehrany split the adhesions that contributed to the problem. Dr. Tehrany and his team expect a full and speedy recovery for the patient. His arm movements will be once again pain-free and unlimited. Have you experienced a similar condition of tightness and limited mobility in your shoulder? If yes, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Tehrany, New York’s top shoulder specialist. He and his team are here to help you enjoy a pain-free life!