US News and World Report: Dr. Tehrany shares strengthening exercises to prevent knee and shoulder injuries

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In 2016, the number of people who aim to improve their physical health and shape, in the shortest amount of time, has significantly increased. Working out is absolutely beneficial for health improvement, however, there are important safety aspects which people tend to overlook, and therefore, end up with agonizing knee and shoulder injuries. Covering the popular topic of knee and shoulder injuries while working out, US News and World Report reached out to Dr. Armin Tehrany, an orthopedic surgeon with an extensive experience and knowledge in knee and shoulder treatment, to provide his expertise on how to prevent painful knee and shoulder injuries while working out. knee and shoulder injuries while working out The article highlights the importance of safety while working out, Dr. Tehrany points out that “healthy shoulder and knee joints are the essence of our mobility.”  He draws attention to building strong muscles around the knee and shoulder joints as an effective way to prevent knee and shoulder injuries. “The knees and shoulders bare immense pressure during workouts. Therefore, both joints need to be prepared to put up with the levels of pressure and difficulties associated with most workout programs,” says Dr. Tehrany.

How to increase the strength of your knees and shoulders?

Furthermore, Dr. Tehrany shares simple, yet effective exercises that build and increase the strength of the knees and the shoulder. According to Dr. Tehrany “inclusion of a few multi-purpose exercises that improve the strength of the shoulder and the knee is simply a must.” The exercises require little or no equipment, they can be adapted to the progress of the joint, and most importantly, they prevent knee and shoulder injuries while working out. The complete list of recommended exercises for both knee and shoulder injury prevention is available at US News and World Report. If you are thinking about joining the gym, or starting with an at-home workout program, you need to carefully read Dr. Therany’s professional tips and include the recommended exercises in your routine. For any question or concern regarding the health of your knees and shoulders, feel free to contact us immediately.