A closer look to an ACL reconstruction

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In the search for the right healthcare provider, getting a solid understanding of their skills and experience is crucial. Based on those facts, one can determine if the doctor has the expertise to provide the needed care. Dr. Armin Tehrany has always strongly believed that educating the patients on their condition and treatment helps them go through their experience with comfort and at peace. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of the educational part of the surgical experience rose significantly. 
  Dr. Tehrany shared a video of knee surgery in one of his ambulatory surgery centers. With this video, Dr. Tehrany aims to ensure that prospective patients understand what happens during surgery. Moreover, he wants to show what we at Manhattan Orthopedic Care do to provide a virtually risk-free environment for patients. One of his recent patients suffered an ACL tear that severely impacted the patient’s lifestyle. Because the condition was serious and avoiding surgery would have made a significant negative effect, Dr. Tehrany recommended an ACL tear reconstruction. The surgical video provides better insight into the flow of an arthroscopic ACL tear repair.
“This is a video here during the COVID crisis of us taking care of a patient with a torn ACL,” Dr. Tehrany begins the video. “This patient had problems in surgery many years ago, but this is a new tear in the ACL,” adds Dr. Tehrany.
The surgery took place in an ambulatory center. This center offers a safer environment with a low risk of infection from coronavirus. Throughout the video, Dr. Tehrany gives a closer look at the procedure. While he guides the flow of the surgery, viewers can see what happens inside the knee through the arthroscopic camera Dr. Tehrany uses. While performing the ACL surgery, Dr. Tehrany explains each aspect of what he is seeing. He also searches diligently throughout the impacted joint for any additional signs of concern. On-screen, Dr. Tehrany removes loose fragments and tissue to prepare the knee for the process of replacing the torn ligament with graft tissue that will return the stability and function to the knee.
ACL reconstructions can be done using a variety of different ligament grafts – you can use your own, which is called an autograft, or you can use someone else’s tissue, and that’s called an allograft. In this case, we decided it was in the patient’s best interest to have an allograft,” explains Dr. Tehrany.
Dr. Tehrany takes us along through the full replacement. He concludes the video by extending gratitude for his surgical team. You can watch the complete surgery process in the video above! As always, thank you for watching, and we hope that you find this information useful. For any shoulder and knee inquiries, please schedule a Telemedicine consultation today!